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What We Do


Energy Audits

We conduct no-cost comprehensive surveys of how much energy, how efficiently and at what cost you are presently consuming as a baseline for improvement. Lighting, HVAC and building envelop all qualify for incentives.


Effective Cost Calculation

We crunch the dollars - utility rebates, state incentives, federal tax deductions to show you how best to recoup your out of pocket  capital improvement costs. We design most projects to be cost neutral and often net positive over the life of the equipment.


Project Planning and Incentive Collection

We'll provide an itemized list of improvements, assist you in getting your project completed and incentives collected.

About Us


We've worked with Con Edison and LIPA since they began offering incentives and manufactured our own LED light fixtures at one time. 


Since 2011, we've successfully completed hundreds of projects throughout the NY Tri-state area.

Certified and Trusted

We are Market Partners with Con Edison, NYSERDA and Hawaii Energy.

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